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Patient-Centered Orthopedic Trauma Care Begins Here

At OrthoAlabama Spine & Sports, our doctors specializing in orthopedic trauma are dedicated, compassionate experts who are committed to providing excellence in patient-centered care. Our orthopedic doctors, Dr. Mary Gilmer, Dr. Scott OrrDr. Patrick Peavy, and Dr. Steven Roberts, strive to treat each patient as an individual and each family like their own. No matter what trauma-related injury is causing your pain, our doctors will work with you to find the treatment solution that is right for you and gets you back to enjoying the life you love.

Trauma injuries are usually caused by a single event, such as a car accident, a fall, or while playing a sport. These accidents sometimes result in broken bones or musculoskeletal injuries and can also be life-threatening. When trauma occurs, specialty-trained orthopedic trauma surgeons and doctors can help. These doctors are orthopedic specialists who have undergone additional medical training in trauma and are highly skilled at performing orthopedic surgery to treat trauma-related injuries as well as providing fracture care. 

Our orthopedic doctors are highly skilled experts whose main focus is your well-being. They will quickly and carefully assess and diagnose your injury and then swiftly provide you with the treatment you need. Our experts are committed to offering the latest and most advanced treatment options and specialize in a wide array of treatments, techniques, and procedures, including:

  • Fusions
  • Joint replacements
  • Nerve releases
  • Tendon repairs

No matter what trauma-related injury or condition you are suffering from, our orthopedic doctors who specialize in traumatic injuries are dedicated to delivering the highest level of specialized bone, joint, and muscle care you need and deserve. 

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Our Specialists With Orthopedic Trauma Training in Their Areas of Care

Compare Your Symptoms

It’s important to be seen by a specialty-trained doctor for a trauma issue or fracture care as soon as possible, especially before the problem worsens. The following signs and symptoms are common to trauma conditions and injuries. If you recognize any of these issues, we recommend that you see an orthopedic specialist as soon as possible:


  • Aching
  • Joint instability
  • Limping
  • Swelling
  • Unable to stand after a fall
  • Visible deformity


One of our specialty-trained orthopedic doctors who specialize in traumatic injuries may diagnose you with one of the following disorders:


  • Acetabular fracture
  • ACL tear
  • Ankle sprain
  • Compound fracture
  • Dislocation
  • Fracture of the hip, knee, or elbow
  • Fractured pelvis
  • Meniscus tear
  • Periarticular fracture
  • Post-traumatic deformity
  • Post-traumatic sports injury

Providing Orthopedic Trauma Care

There are many different reasons why a patient may need orthopedic trauma care. For example, a patient may have been in a life-threatening accident or experienced a severe injury, such as a pelvis fracture, multiple broken bones, or a compound fracture. However, not every situation is urgent or life-threatening. For instance, orthopedic trauma accidents sometimes occur while playing sports, like when a soccer player pivots quickly and tears their ACL. While surgery may be needed, the patient does not need it immediately after the injury in order to be treated effectively.

No matter the cause of the injury, an orthopedic doctor will always carefully assess a patient’s injury before providing treatment. This is extremely important for complex fractures since a fracture that is not properly assessed or set can result in a malunion or nonunion. After the injury has been assessed and accurately diagnosed, a trauma doctor will then provide the needed nonsurgical or surgical care.

At OrthoAlabama Spine & Sports, our orthopedic doctors are highly skilled at assessing, diagnosing, and treating trauma-related injuries. Using their vast experience and extensive training, our specialists will expertly assess your trauma-related injury and then work with you to develop an individualized care plan that focuses on you and your needs.

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Available at our Birmingham and Hoover offices, our Walk-In Clinic provides prompt, expert care for patients suffering from acute orthopedic injuries.

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